Filipe Lima

Me, animes and this blog

Animes has been a significant part of my life since childhood. From my early days watching Naruto and Dragon Ball, my current favorites include One Piece, Evangelion and Code Geass. Today, I want to delve into how animes serves as a powerful source of motivation, driving individuals to strive for excellence. One recent anime that particularly resonated with me is Blue Lock—I became an ardent fan of this series.

The motivation I speak of is the kind that fuels one’s desire to excel, to become better at something and ultimately, the best version of oneself. This is precisely the journey I am embarking on. I aspire to embark on my own hero’s journey, venturing into the wilderness of programming, and sharing technology-related content through this blog. While it won’t be solely focused on programming, it will predominantly revolve around this subject.

This blog isn’t for you

I want to clarify that this blog is primarily for my personal growth and self-expression. Although you may find the posts interesting, they are not specifically tailored for you. Inspired by a creator called Fabio Akita, who I’ve followed since the beginning of my programming journey, I aim to create content that reflects my own vision. Akita, through his YouTube channel, compares this approach to Henry Jones’ diary in the Indiana Jones films. Similarly, I hope to achieve the same level of authenticity and personal connection through this blog. Additionally, I do hope that potential recruiters visiting this blog can easily recognize my programming skills and consider me for employment opportunities.

Consider this an introductory post rather than a regular one. Going forward, I plan to share intriguing developments in my journey of learning Rust, most likely over the weekends. Thank you for taking the time to read, and I wish you a pleasant day, afternoon, or night ahead.